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Whiz Kids Day Nursery Whiz Kids Day Nursery, Peterborough Business Park
Our Aim...

We at Whiz Kids believe that:

  1. All Children have the right to the highest quality of care and education regardless of their race, gender, ethnic origin, religion or disability.
  2. We ensure equality of access to the Nurseries for all parents, carers, staff, children and visitors regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin, religion, disability or marital status.
  3. We invest in all our staff to have an equal right to train and develop in order to bring the highest quality and standards to our childcare provision ensuring they meet the needs of the Nursery, the registration and the 2006 Children’s Act.
  4. All parents have the right to be involved with the care and education of their child.
  5. We offer a high quality of care and education service for children that emerges from a real partnership with parents, staff and other professionals which ensures we maintain established relationships and our consistency of care.
  6. Our provision for the childcare and education of the children is carried out by staffing and resourcing levels in accordance with the individual needs of the children and these comply with the requirements laid out under the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  7. We stimulate all round development to ensure progression of skills.
  8. We believe in quality and high standards and aim to work in partnership with other relevant agencies to meet the requirements set out.
  9. We will follow and comply with all legal requirements of OFSTED Registration.
  10. We will continue to work hard to be recognised as the best childcare provider in the area.
Our Aim...
Highly skilled and trained staff
Developing skills through activities
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